Friday, April 03, 2009

Tornado in Rajkanika

It is with a heavy heart that I read the news reports as well as the listserve postings about the tornado and the havoc caused by it. It reminded me of the Supercyclone and the vulnerability of our people to natural disasters. Those how would like to know more about the situation in Rajakanika and want to help can get in touch with Ranjan Rout whose email is He has been updating many of us through emails about the situation.

I worry that such extreme weather events are forecasted to rise with the increasing temperatures due to global warming. Orissa seems to an anamoly in the larger global warming scenario with much higher temperature increases than other areas. 

Meanwhile, another company gets caught repeatedly violating environmental laws and this time the environmental regulator, the OSPCB, seems to have been active. We have uploaded the Report of OSPCB on Paradeep Phosphate Ltd. on the epgorissa website. 



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