Monday, July 13, 2009

Orissa's Industries: Death trap for workers

Thanks Himanshu Patra for bringing this information into public.

I have bought this information under RTI from department of labourer regarding the death status in various industry ( both operating & operational). The situation is quite serious in state. Here is the summary of the informatoin. I have also attached the data regarding death in industry since year 2000 to 2008.


Deaths in factory during 2008

Orissa may boast of having attracted investments in mineral sector more than any other States of India, but it has also lost a substantial number of labourer this year with the construction phase of upcoming industries going on in full swing. As many as 81 workers died in 73 separate accidents in factories since beginning of the year 2008. 48 labourer were killed in already operational steel plants and upcoming steel mills constituting nearly 60 per cent of total casualties. Similarly 11 died in the premises of alumina and aluminum plants while seven workers lost their lives in upcoming power generating units. In the year 2008, 11 labourer died at different points of Bhushan Steel Limited, which is coming up at Kuspanga in Dhenkanal, followed by 6 no at Bhusan steel plant located at Thelkoli, sambalpur followed by 6 labourer at Vedanta smelter plant construction site located at Jharsuguda. Himansu

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