Thursday, March 11, 2010

A new video by Samadrusti Channel on the ongoing repression in Kalinganagar

Somehow Kalinganagar seems to have slipped out of the consciousness of the chattering classes- who are currently more distracted by the so called threats posed by the Maoists, who are supposed to take over the Indian State by 2050 - a red herring of quite large proportions. Meanwhile my friends who keep track of movements and corporates say that the state is OK with the maoists- what they are really afraid of are the kinds of movements that we have seen in Kalinganagar against TATAs and against POSCO in Jagatsinghpur- for these non-violent movements operating within the democratic spaces strip away the mask from the faces of the state and the ruling elite - and their pretensions to democracy.

Therefore the deseperate attempts at all times to link these movements with the maoists - see what happened in Narayanpatna and Lalgarh. And the Maoists are obliging the government quite well by infiltrating these areas, providing the state the space to paint these movements as security risks and to eradicate them with brutality. Lalmohan Tudu's assasination is an example. The same efforts have been made to paint Kalinganagar movement as Maoists, and as teh video below shows, efforts to suppress the movement. The real puppeteers in this drama sit in Mumbai and Jamshedpur in their AC offices, and are voted the most popular Indians.

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