Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nabeen government attacks anti-POSCO resistance in a final bid to get land for foreign companies

The valiant and heroic anto-POSCO resistance fighting for the right to live and livelihood faces its strongest test as the Orissa state and bureaucracy (owned lock, stock and barrel by POSCO, Vedanta and TATAs) have finally decided to unleash its might on its own citizens to obtain land for POSCO. As of latest, massive violence have been unleashed on resisters, men, women and children, by almost 1500 armed policemen, and large number of people are injured. We will try to keep you updated on the situation. Orissaconcerns blog is providing  constant updates at .

May 15th

Now we got information abt 2 Activists critically injured with Metal Bullet. Immediate Medical Care is needed for Natha swain (from Nuagan) & Ramesh Das (from dhinkia). They lost a lot of blood so far. All Roads to Anti Posco Villages are blocked & sealed by Police. More than 100 people are Injured , which include women & children. There is no way to get medical support /go out of the Village because of the police blockade.

The video of police brutality can be seen here:

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