Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gaon Chodab Nahin- A wonderful video on people's struggles

The Video "Gaon Chodab Nahin" is one of the most evocative presentations of the issue of displacement and cultural dislocations in India.The song describes the present day exploitation of nature, land, forests and people in the name of development. Based on the song originally sung in the Kashipur UAIL movement - I have heard Bhagwan Majhi sing that song- the video takes us across the heartlands India as it is ravaged by the phenomenal greed in name of development- to ask the basic question - O God of development, pray tell us, how to save our lives.

This video also won the best Music Video at the Second International Documentary and Short Film Festival, which concluded in Thiruvananthapuram in June 2009.

The link for the video is as below:

The video itself is below. For those who receive the posts through listserves, please do visit to have a look at this video.

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